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A family of Fermenters


Connection through creation

With the shared hopes of supporting our planet, communities, and family, Local Culture has grown differently. Creating wild fermented sauerkrauts is our way of saying thank you to each farmer, food producer, and epicurean by transforming and extending the life of almost every vegetable we can get our hands on.

We are committed to a collaborative approach to the industry of feeding people, and will always look to adapt where we see an opportunity to decrease food miles and environmental impacts in our industry.

You’re Family Too

Here at Local Culture, we believe the connections shared are some of the most valued aspects of our lives. Being part of the Local Culture Family extends to everyone actively engaging in the community around them to make good.

Just think of what we can do when we stick together. Join us.


Our kraut journey we've dubbed as Local Culture Krauts began with our family. With our first child on the way, we wanted to have ready-made and nourishing foods that would compliment any meal. Through experimentation with veggie ferments, just like the wild cultures within them, our family began to thrive. 

Our love for tasty foods, wild spaces, engaging communities, and wellness has shaped our lives into what can best be described as Local Culture.


Sarah Frost-McKee - CREATOR / CHEF

Sarah has always had a passion creating nutrient-dense taste treats with whole foods and local ingredients. Culinary school, travel, and constant meticulous experimentation in numerous kitchens led her to love and appreciate fermented foods. With organic nutrition at the forefront of her creative muse, fermentation became her template to find the perfect blend of incredible flavor and well being.

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Paul Trendler - SALES / MARKETING

Paul's love for food began with his family, who center their time and experiences together around seasonal flavors and unique culinary opportunities. When asked for travel advice, the Trendler's will base all of their recommendations and fond memories of places around food. He too holds nutrition and whole foods at the utmost priority, to properly refuel his psyche, enthusiasm, energy, and motivation for connecting with people, travel, and outdoor recreation.

Odin and Selah - Life Force

This 3 year old little man has a zest for life that is unparalleled. He also has a open and adventurous palette that is well beyond his years. Odin gives all of our small batch krauts the final seal of approval. Our son is a daily inspiration to maintain balance, excellent health, wellness, and is eager to teach all he knows to his little sister.

He also eats kraut by the fistful, and cannot be left alone near a farmers market sample tray...

Local Culture Family-029.JPG


On our homestead in the Sierra Foothills amongst our orchards, chickens, gardens and more, our family lives connected to the earth. Having a business based on local agriculture and wild fermented foods is our dream come true. Local Culture Krauts is our inspiration for us to continue building our soils at home, our community at large, and our microbiology within.

We love our community of Nevada County and look forward to connecting more with our local farmers and friends with this wild + raw offering!



An herbalist and gardener by day, mother by day and night, Cristina has always had a true love and appreciation for local agriculture and growing her own food and medicine. With a history of clinical herb and nutrition school and spending years working on organic farms across the west coast, fermenting foods has always been happening in her kitchen. She enjoys gardening, medicine making, West African dancing, and all things fermented!


If you can't find Chris fermenting in the kitchen, or tending to the families garden, he's most likely enjoying a snack with a view of something beautiful. As an accomplished surfer, craftsman, and farmer, he has always found a balance of bringing healthy cuisine into his daily life.


Isaiah Madrone - MUSICIAN / MUSE

Equipped with the most contagious laugh ever, Isaiah tirelessly brings lightness to the people around him. With an appetite for rhythm, music, and mindfully grown whole foods, this little sprout’s energy is a testament to how the foods we choose to eat, and the people we connect with, shape what we become.