Holy smokes! I never new sauerkraut could taste that good.
— your belly

The brine is fine: Local Culture Live Foods Market opens in downtown Grass Valley

Cristina Africano and Chris Frost-McKee think people would be happier if they ate a little bit of sauerkraut each day.

Taste This! – Local Culture Krauts

For this week’s culinary adventure, Donna Britt takes us into Sarah Frost-McKee and Paul Trendler’s local kitchen, where fermentation is happening and where old-fashioned sauerkraut is getting a delicious modern twist.


Not Your Grandma's Sauerkraut...

Sarah Frost McKee and Paul Trendler spend a lot of time these days in their local kitchen shredding cabbage, mixing it with salt and other spices and then putting it into barrels to ferment. It's an old-fashioned process turning out kraut with a delicious modern twist.