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For this week’s culinary adventure, Donna Britt takes us into Sarah Frost-McKee and Paul Trendler’s local kitchen, where fermentation is happening and where old-fashioned sauerkraut is getting a delicious modern twist.


Not Your Grandma's Sauerkraut...

Sarah Frost McKee and Paul Trendler spend a lot of time these days in their local kitchen shredding cabbage, mixing it with salt and other spices and then putting it into barrels to ferment.  It's an old-fashioned process turning out kraut with a delicious modern twist.  Learn more about Local Culture's sauerkraut in this Taste This! Episode.

Local Culture Krauts KLCC

Bend entrepreneurial couple serves up sweet success...with sauerkraut 

A couple in Bend have turned their passion for fermentation into a new business.  KLCC’s Brian Bull visits the founders of Local Culture, a pair of teachers that are enjoying sweet success with sauerkraut.

Local Culture Kraut Pizza

School teachers by day, kraut delivery cyclists the rest of the time.

It's been said here before: sauerkraut is the new kimchi, and Local Culture is proof this trend is still hot. The company launched in June, selling out of sauerkraut at their very first farmers market. Pretty incredible results for Sarah Frost-McKee and Paul Trendler, both full-time school teachers.